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“I already wanted to be a pharmacist,” the 16-year-old said. What he liked about the workshops was the “hands-on” training, often with the use of lifelike mannequins capable of simulating reactions. “You get to see the possibilities of what you can do,” Robinson said. Such reactions are what Mt. faculty nursing San Jacinto School of Nursing Director Peter Zografos and his staff were hoping for when they organized the two-day program in conjunction with Inland Health Professions Coalition, part of the nonprofit Reach Out organization. Camp organizers had expected to draw about 100 participants each day from Val Verde, Temescal Canyon in Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto high schools. However, a transportation problem forced San Jacinto to cancel, reducing the numbers Thursday. That, however, had the advantage of allowing the staff to work with smaller groups and have more time with individual students as they rotated through training areas for four vocations — emergency medical technicians, certified nursing assistants, diagnostic medical sonographers and registered nurses. “Hopefully, this will snowball,” nursing teacher Nicholas Garcia said of the camp.

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